Professional Sound for Every Budget

Are you looking for that professional sound without the outrageously high price? Let us take care of that for you. We offer standalone mixing, standalone mastering, or bundle both to save even more.

Before // After Samples

Spotify Playlist

Apple Music Playlist


Mixing & Mastering

Do I need Mixing and Mastering?

Listen to any mixdown right after recording or listen to *before* examples that I have above. Now compare that to what’s on your radio, Spotify, Apple music, Tidal, ect. There’s a large difference. Simply, your song hasn’t been molded into it’s best form. You wouldn’t join a sports team and immediately play a game. You need to work on form, conditioning, drills, ect. Just like you don’t apply for distribution or radio play immediately after a recording session. You want to shape (mix and master) your game so the consumer finds it appealing and wants to listen repeatedly.

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